Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This Life Matters

As we all hustle around so busy every single day to get things done to do the right things to please to move up move on, do we ever take time to pause for just  a moment  checking in to see if what we are doing really matters? Do we ever pause enough to even ask the question,  am I doing what truly matters ? Why then does it often take a BIG forced pause in life that moves us to   finally look and pay attention to how we are spending this most precious gift we have which is time.

I know in my own life when the unthinkable or very unpredictable happens I am forced to stop and look at the situation at hand through a very clear lens  in order to understand what is happening in the moment and how to handle what is happening  with dignity respect and deep compassion. Through these times I  also realize that pausing is essential to growth and that this life truly does matter because we only pass through once. Pausing and choosing to live in the moment rather than  running from our moments helps us develop a deeper richer appreciation for the life we were given and the gift it truly is.
What a world it would be if we all chose to live a life that truly mattered passing the gift of life and love to all we meet by simply pausing and asking the question....

In life love and wholeness,

Sunday, February 21, 2016



A brand new day to begin a new as the sun rises prompting me to breathe in the freshness of this new day giving me permission to forget what didn't go right the day before or simply empower  me to ride on the day before fueling me with  excitement and hope.

Today is the first time I  am blogging since I don't even want to look but with wonder hope and excitement I am willing to  start fresh with a gratefulness that I am here to bask in the wonder of this new day and all the opportunities today offers to share to connect to ignite and to pray.

Today I pray and acknowledge all beings who need special prayer.
 May we all  know the universe always supports us  and God's eternal love  is  bigger and greater than anything we could ever imagine. 

May we all make peace with this brand new day and live and bask in the LOVE of it

Namaste today,

Sunday, September 20, 2015


When should we pray?  Or better yet, when should we not pray?

This journey we are all on called life is one of uncertainty  unpredictability and  change.
Sometimes we feel like we are holding on for dear life when we cannot see the outcome or better yet we cannot see anything. How will we know and what shall we do? It is these times in life that we will  pray with all our heart and all our  soul calling  on that higher power that connection which elevates all of our earthly understanding. It is called spiritual grace and  all of us have it anytime we choose to disconnect from our worldly selves to make that connection to our divine selves which is the spirit within us. 
Prayer is powerful  which is why when we choose to make life a prayer relying  on the power of GOD who is  ultimately the power of LOVE will carry us  through the dark into the  the light.Making that conscious connection to something greater and more powerful than ourselves is what will give us the strength and confidence  we need to take on the uncertainty.....for with GOD all things are certain and  all things are possible. As Mother Teresa states "Prayer is to the soul as blood is to the body".

Love and prayers to each of you now and always,

Monday, August 31, 2015


Loving myself just as I am without judgement... that is a big statement when I have so many imperfections and so much perfection to strive for. Being involved in health and wellness most of my adult life coaching and training clients I have discovered that people judge themselves  ever so harshly leaving little room for growth and self  forgiveness.
I am frequently reminded when I  spend time with others that are impaired in some way, their attitude is one of gratitude and joy. I have a cousin who is down syndrome in his twenties  loves life  laughs a lot and  never puts himself down. He always has an uplifting word to say about anyone in his presence. He  gets so excited when learning something new even if it means flubbing up, he does it anyway.
Early on I learned to be ever so grateful for the legs I have to walk or run for there are others that do not.I am grateful for the ability to wake up and see the day to spend it as I choose  because of no limitations today.
 We were given one body one life- we need to love ourselves enough to pass the gift of life to others in all the wholeness that we are imperfections and perfections knowing that God is there within us supporting us and loving us.

That is enough for me to love myself just as I am with out about you?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Loving Well...

 Today  I am grateful I attended  a  worship service  to say farewell to a very gifted  inspirational minister at our congregation. As always, when Pastor Rick preaches I am  eager  to receive the message mostly because he injects so much humor  that everyone, even the most skeptical end up laughing. Well today was no different even though it was Pastor Ricks last sermon at our church.
Strangely enough he asked us to love well. Of course, that got me thinking. We went deeper and this was my take away...
It is easy to love and sometimes to even say the words 'love you' or I love you' but loving well means loving by actually showing loving kindness a simple hello when passing someone on the street or in the grocery store. I know for me I am challenged  by the very ordinary every single day to do just that.
In the Buddha tradition their are four kinds of love;loving kindness, compassion, appreciation and equanimity. Practicing loving well is   raising our   level of consciousness to where we innately know loving well comes from our soul. In the Christian tradition there are numerous teachings on love and for the purpose of this writing, loving well. Peter 3-8...all of you be like minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate & humble. So it is not enough to love in the simple sense but to be present to one another with compassion and heartfelt sympathy and to express that love in our daily life. It is learning to include loves presence when we speak to others. Every little drop of this practice of loving well is significant . The Buddha says with dripping drops of water the water jog is filled.

Yes Pastor Rick, in these ordinary days when I am behind the slowest driver in the world on my way to work or walking through the isles in the grocery store or when in the presence of my own loved ones at home I will think about loving well and the imprint it will leave on both of our souls.

When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. how can you love if you are not there? Thich Naht Hanh

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Change Is...

Change is so many things to so many of us and it affects  us weather big or small planned for or not. 
Recently I was with a client who is 98 years old.  When I asked her about change her sharp response was "change is invigorating". Immediately blood started pulsating through my veins at the mere expression of that word invigorating. I then went about my day as we are moving from a place I have called home for twenty seven years. Everything from the flower gardens which inspired me when I was going through a rough period with my then fifteen year old son to the areas I created as sanctuaries for meditation to the too small kitchen where  many family gatherings took place-all of this began leaving serious imprints on my heart.  Sadness because of the attachment to all of these  things, uncertainty which  translates to fear and finally eager anticipation to the adventure which lies ahead.

Through all of this I am ever so grateful for my yoga practice which has taught me not to become attached to anything  that  prevents us the freedom to move.When this happens we allow fear to govern our lives. The better  choice is to  simply jump into the unknown carrying  those past  experiences which have helped shape our lives.
 For I have learned that life is a journey of acceptance  faith  and letting go. Once I realized this truth I  agree with my friend that yes change can be invigorating.....I also think that given her 98 years of wisdom she is one who knows.

As time goes on and as time heals may we all be invigorated by change , allowing change itself  to be the teacher of  acceptance and letting go.

Be invigorated be loved and be blessed 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Doing ordinary things with extraordinary love

Doing ordinary things with extraordinary love....

These are the words of Mother Teresa whom over the years I have grown to admire the path she choose. Simplicity and ordinary day to day dedication   drove her to live a life of purpose.
It's those days we get so caught up in the mundane thinking it does not matter when truly most greatness and purpose are achieved by tackling the mundane one day at a time.

How often do we spend a day at work thinking this really doesn't matter when truly it does simply because  we are there to fulfill a purpose: to make our self  happy and  to shine a little light on someone else's day. A simple kind gesture  can literally change someone 's day from bad to good as when we share  our  talents and gifts we provide  great necessary acts of success and service.Weather it be  home at work or retired our ordinary days can turn into extraordinary.

Living a life of purpose is a daily decision where our affirmations and actions guide us to that extraordinary place of knowing we gave it our very best. When we do that with intentional love our ordinary day  then becomes extraordinary because the whole universe with GOD at the Center is there to greet and embrace us with the same  extraordinary love.

Enjoy a daily life that matters,

With extraordinary love from me to you daily,